Nifty Correction could go to 9,315

Nifty (Markets) have signalled a war – Indo-China and/or US-N Korea despite a strong Indian economy. So have global indices and the USD Index.

Nifty could correct to 9,315 or even lower.

This, however, is a great opportunity to buy in, if you missed the earlier buy signalled. OR to add to LT Investments.

Screenshot 2017-08-10 10.38.58.png

The 9,315 level will represent a 38.2% retracement which is quite “heavy” considering India is one of the strongest economies around. It should attract massive FDI & FII inflows once the war/skirmishes are contained and it’s BAU after that.

Keep your powder dry!




Nifty exhausted. Dip around the corner!

The #Nifty has signalled signs of exhaustion. This means the Nifty could make a correction for the long bull run it has had. Be clear, the bull market would be intact, even with the correction.

Lighten up on the portfolio, holding only those stocks you want to keep in the portfolio for years to come.

The FII and FDI inflows have driven the Nifty beyond normal valuations. While these funds aren’t fleeing just yet, any softness in the markets would cascade in a possible outflow of FII funds.

Screenshot 2017-05-16 12.57.48

This is an early warning/caution for those who believe in taking profits too soon. (Zurich Axiom).

Waiting for a Dabur Breakout

Dabur is India’s largest Ayurvedic medicine & related products manufacturer. Dabur was founded in 1884 by SK Burman, a physician in West Bengal, to produce and dispense Ayurvedic medicines.

Screenshot 2017-03-07 16.35.26

The stock is poised to break out. If it does, it can be expected to start a strong bull run.

Watch for a break out and BUY.

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