More Pain to come #Nifty

This correction was not only long overdue, it’s been aided and assisted in a dogmatic assertion by Arun Jaitley (FM, India) and a global bubble of sorts, led by the US Markets.

There is more pain to come – if not in a further dip, then in a prolonged sideways movement with some shallower dips. It NOT the time to buy, yet, for LT Investors!

Patience will be rewarded in a generous way. Avoid trying to catch a falling knife.

Screenshot 2018-02-06 19.09.18.png

My expectation is that 10,028 on the Nifty is a possibility.

It is certainly NOT a time to sell, in panic!




Nifty could be doing a correction.

Nifty is giving signals of a correction. 

Screenshot 2018-01-03 22.32.17.png

The technical indicators seem to indicate another dip. This may be another entry point for those who have stayed away, or even a more serious correction if the ensuing Elections in Karnataka go against the BJP.

For very long-term investors, it could be an opportunity to add to the portfolio. For other investors, it could be a Sekk and Buy Back opportunity. This is not a trading call.


Nifty now on a tare!

I suggested that the Nifty (Indian Stock Market) was giving an opportunity to buy/enter on 6th December 2017.  Now, the Nifty is on a tare!

While it’ll probably give smaller dips in the future, the markets expect, as the PM himself said, more, better, faster and effective reforms between now and 2019 – including some that address areas that have not received the necessary attention, like agriculture and farming. This, combined with the effects of GST and Anti-Corruption drives will only grow the economy like never before!

Screenshot 2017-12-19 19.40.29

The long-term charts clearly show the solid, step by step rise of the markets. This is a full-blown thumbs up to the PM’s programmes.

One Year 2017

Screenshot 2017-12-19 19.55.00

Since 2014 when Narendra Modi took over.

Screenshot 2017-12-19 19.54.51.png

These charts speak for themselves even for the layman. No need for any explanations!

Nifty Consolidating to break out in time!

The Nifty has tested everyone’s patience. And may well continue to do so for more time.

From 10th July 2017, it’s in the range of 9,684 to 10,182 a range of just under 500 points. The band itself represents a BUYING opportunity – especially for selected stocks. The Nifty ETFs may also be a good option for lower risk-takers who want to hold for the long-term (i.e. greater than 1 year).

The reason I say it’s waiting to break-out (up) is that it made a double bottom at the 9684 level. On 11 Aug and at 29th Sept. While purists will say it was 9685 and 9687, I’m more a pragmatist. In this age of machine-trading, with manual day-traders, two points on a scale of 10,000 makes for ‘in-built calculation errors in computing the index!

Screenshot 2017-10-11 10.01.06.png

For those who want to play it safe, wait for the breakout above 10,182 (black horizontal line). OR for those who are pessimistic looking at TV coverage, wait for a Break-Down below 9,684.

But I’ll remind investors of an old adage in the stock markets: Markets climb walls of fear, and puncture balloons of euphoria.


Nifty Correction could go to 9,315

Nifty (Markets) have signalled a war – Indo-China and/or US-N Korea despite a strong Indian economy. So have global indices and the USD Index.

Nifty could correct to 9,315 or even lower.

This, however, is a great opportunity to buy in, if you missed the earlier buy signalled. OR to add to LT Investments.

Screenshot 2017-08-10 10.38.58.png

The 9,315 level will represent a 38.2% retracement which is quite “heavy” considering India is one of the strongest economies around. It should attract massive FDI & FII inflows once the war/skirmishes are contained and it’s BAU after that.

Keep your powder dry!



Nifty exhausted. Dip around the corner!

The #Nifty has signalled signs of exhaustion. This means the Nifty could make a correction for the long bull run it has had. Be clear, the bull market would be intact, even with the correction.

Lighten up on the portfolio, holding only those stocks you want to keep in the portfolio for years to come.

The FII and FDI inflows have driven the Nifty beyond normal valuations. While these funds aren’t fleeing just yet, any softness in the markets would cascade in a possible outflow of FII funds.

Screenshot 2017-05-16 12.57.48

This is an early warning/caution for those who believe in taking profits too soon. (Zurich Axiom).

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